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A garden will save us

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“A garden will save us”,  Franco Dragone – creator of Cirque du Soleil – is convinced. 
Dragone was born in Cairano, Italy an endangered southern Apennine village of about 290 inhabitants located between Campania, Basilicata and Puglia.

His idea was taken up by the last inhabitants of Cairano and a working group coordinated by Angelo Verderosa, and in early June “Borgo Giardino” was initiated as part of Cairano 7x 2011.

In support of a new rural civilization the project titled ‘DESIGN LABS’ will transform abandoned private gardens and rural lands into community shared gardens and renewed lush landscapes.
DESIGN LAB begins Friday, June 24 with the “Laboratory of Imagination” held by Donatella Mazzoleni, University Professor and Architect from Naples with the participation of Italian and Dutch University students and local Colleges in Irpinia.

After these lab events of planning and landscape design in June and July planting will begin in early November.  DESIGN LAB will create ‘progressive gardens’ between stone houses and streets in the Centro Storico of Cairano – attracting collaborators from around the world – contributing to a ‘green building’ in harmony with nature in every corner of the village.
“Across the language of nature and manual labor that is genetically inherent in the residents of rural communities of the ‘Mezzogiorno’, we can develop new signs, new directions for re-inhabiting our territory, through shared work, utility and beauty” says Architect Angelo Verderosa; “New ‘green signs’ that oppose pollution and disastrous over-consumption by adopting the gardens and orchards of the abandoned houses of men overtaken by brambles and time.”

The DESIGN LABS in June and July provide training, lectures and theoretical contributions for all participants and will be developed in four phases: understanding and interpretation of the place with projected use of the materials, development of landscape designs individually and in groups, submission of proposals and debates on how to realize the idea, and finally implementation to the site. This process of design, construction and use across three seasons from early June to mid November – traditional planting season – will bring new minds and new hands to Cairano.
As in previous editions of Cairano 7x students and invited speakers will be offered free accommodation in the village.  Residents and students of the ProLoco will provide logistics, accommodation and gourmet cuisine with the support of the association ‘The Mesali.’

Franco Dragone Entertainment Group’s generous contribution is intended for the purchase of environmentally friendly materials, trees and shrubs for the implementation of  ‘Borgo Giardino’.
The main idea of  “Cairano 7x” is to revive and live in marginal places such as Cairano in the southern Apennines and to introduce new creative ideas that recognize shared values ​​through communication of ‘paesologico’.  All this thanks to sustained contributions of Franco Dragone.
Terra-Western-Landscapes-Paesologia is the backbone of Cairano 7x and starting this year, will be divided into seven weekends. Creative participants are invited: writers, designers, poets, landscape architects, archaeologists, painters, nursery owners, artists, photographers, farmers, artisans, bloggers, students, teachers and others who share a common respect for Mother Earth, sensitivity to beautiful landscapes and the desire to preserve and live in rural countries.
Info, schedules and rules for participation:

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